Welcome to Jiana Deon




 Hello and Welcome,

Thank you for visiting our store. We enjoy creating beautiful and fun earrings out of an array of metals, beads, and other little interesting pieces. While designing bracelets and necklaces, we discovered our true passion for earrings that expresses how we feel.

Have you ever put on an outfit or other accessories and it made you walk or act a certain way? This is how we feel about earrings. We put them on and whoa we're Jiana 5.0. When we get dressed, we make earrings that cater to our look and mood. We all have had days that we feel some kind of way when we wake up. For us, we try to start our day with a positive vibe by making earrings that tell our story.

Our earrings are edgy, fun, flirty, with a little bit of kink. Each design offers an intentional odd kink or looks that represent when you feel spontaneous, seductive, playful, or even letting your imagination take control. It's all about you.

So we say to you, show off your personality and express how you feel. Happy Shopping!