Fondled and Attacked On First Date!

Fondled and Attacked On First Date!

I decided to answer another message from POF.  A nice gentleman messaged me hello.  He looked fantastic in all the photos. From looking at each picture posted, I could almost smell his cologne through the computer. His style was on point. This time, I thought I would try something a little different by chatting longer online versus giving out my number.  During that time, I asked as many questions that I could possibly think of.  He answered all my questions with charm and grace. He owned his own business, including the land it was on.  His children were grown and out the house leaving him seeking a serious relationship. Perfect possibility, I thought.

DISASTER! DISASTER! DISASTER! ...(now I'm screaming disaster) During one of our conversations, I found out he just broke up with his girlfriend of four years. From the time they broke up and the time we met was one month. Seriously, one month. Homeboy was in the mourning phase from the relationship breakup. I call those kind of men prowlers.  You heard the saying "The quickest way to get over a person is to get ON a new one."  NOT!!!  After dinner we were walking to my car and he immediately start grabbing at my breast and tried to kiss me practically all over. All in a blink of an eye. I felt like a tiny mouse seen by an owl.  I can't run fast, so I dashed to my vehicle as fast as I could. I was afraid to look back in case he was coming at me with his arms stretched out like a zombie. When I got into my car, I told him he needed help. I wanted to speed off like in the movies making my tires squeak, but I was afraid of losing control of the wheel and running out of gas. Oops, yep I forgot to put gas in my vehicle.
Once again, just like my previous posted dates, I smiled through it, because my neck was adorned by my antique necklace I called The Helen Necklace. This necklace can be purchased here on my website  ( It laid perfectly on my chest. The Helen necklace is an unique statement necklace offering a bold look and a stunning style.  I chose this necklace because of color, look and the boldness it bought to the blouse. It elongated my neckline giving my heavy top area balance. I looked delicious, stunning, and beautiful. Before and after dinner I received several compliments and inquiries to purchase. It's one of my favorites, because it can be worn all year round.  Take a look and comment.



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