Jiana Deon Flirty Dating Jewelry

Decided to join the most hyped dating website Plenty Of Fish.... Date 1

       I was excited to meet this all so sexy man. Great smile, appear to have a good job. Had delightful conversations over the phone. Photos were of a tall man basketball physique.  I'm a short woman so there you go..

Well let me tell you, nothing of the sort. I was totally misled. My description above was the opposite. Couldn't wait to leave, longest date ever. It was an early date, because I try not to eat after 6pm. Looking at my watch it last about 2 hours, but it felt like 8 hours of sitting in a room watching paint dry. He was nice, but not for me.  

I smiled through my date, because I was wearing one of my flirty designs. I called it the Hazel Necklace. Sterling silver with two dangling rings. So cute. I wear it a lot, not just on dates, but to other outings because it looks great with most of my outfits. I sometimes layer it with other necklaces, simply stunning and simple but yet flirty and stylish.  






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