DATING.... Be Careful What You Ask For!! BEWARE!!

DATING.... Be Careful What You Ask For!! BEWARE!!

Date 2...

Black Tie Choker with Sterling Silver AccentsMet a wonderful man at the gas station.  Instant connection!  We were glancing and flirting while pumping gas. I clearly wanted to be seen, so I paid with the attendant, so I could strut my I'm single walk. We exchanged numbers and had numerous conversations for weeks as well as early morning texting. Just great!!  The thought of him made me smile for days. I also told my friends about him and I giggled like I was still in high school.  Our dates were awesome. He wanted us to become exclusive, because we had some things in common and our dates were filled with laughter, long stories and so on. We were so into each other that we shut the restaurant down, losing all track of time. Wow, what a man!

PUMP THE BRAKES!! Over dinner one beautiful night, I sipped my wine and I asked him to tell me something that he hasn't told me already.  Wait for it...FIRST of all he does not work at the company he stated during our conversations. The car he was driving was his uncle's car. He told me he was replenishing the gas he used to pick up his 4 daughters. At that point, my bottom lip trembled in fear of asking, where is the mom. I had to know, so I asked. I sat there with the wine glass pressed against my lips while peeking at him through the glass and low and behold he said at home. At home I asked?  He told me they lived together for the sake of the girls. My mouth dropped. That was it for me.  At that very moment, I was reminded of to be careful what you ask for.

Just like my previous date, I push through with a smile. I looked great! I was loving my hair, my skin was behaving, but what made me feel extra beautiful was my cute Black Tie Choker with the sterling silver accents and frayed ends. I loved my flirty style that night.  I tied it to drape right at my bust line, making it cute and sexy. I made them in different colors, but this black one was perfect for my date night.

                               .Black Tie Choker with Silver Accents with Frayed Ends






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