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Fondled and Attacked On First Date!

 I decided to answer another message from POF.  A nice gentleman messaged me hello.  He looked fantastic in all the photos. From looking at each picture posted, I could almost smell his cologne through the computer. His style was on point. This time, I thought I would try something a little different by chatting longer online versus giving out my number.  During that time, I asked as many questions that I could possibly think of.  He answered all my questions with charm and grace. He owned his own business, including the land it was on.  His children were grown and out the house leaving him seeking a serious relationship. Perfect possibility, I thought. DISASTER! DISASTER! DISASTER! ...(now I'm screaming...

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DATING.... Be Careful What You Ask For!! BEWARE!!

Date 2... Met a wonderful man at the gas station.  Instant connection!  We were glancing and flirting while pumping gas. I clearly wanted to be seen, so I paid with the attendant, so I could strut my I'm single walk. We exchanged numbers and had numerous conversations for weeks as well as early morning texting. Just great!!  The thought of him made me smile for days. I also told my friends about him and I giggled like I was still in high school.  Our dates were awesome. He wanted us to become exclusive, because we had some things in common and our dates were filled with laughter, long stories and so on. We were so into each other that we...

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Decided to join the most hyped dating website Plenty Of Fish.... Date 1

       I was excited to meet this all so sexy man. Great smile, appear to have a good job. Had delightful conversations over the phone. Photos were of a tall man basketball physique.  I'm a short woman so there you go.. Well let me tell you, nothing of the sort. I was totally misled. My description above was the opposite. Couldn't wait to leave, longest date ever. It was an early date, because I try not to eat after 6pm. Looking at my watch it last about 2 hours, but it felt like 8 hours of sitting in a room watching paint dry. He was nice, but not for me.   I smiled through my date, because I...

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